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Homemade Claw Machine

Project tutorial by -MMM-

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  • Homemade Claw Machine 3 months ago

    Sure it´s possible you just have to upgrade the Arduino with a module for Mobile Phone connection (Wifi Module etc.) and upgrade the code

  • Homemade Claw Machine 5 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Homemade Claw Machine 5 months ago

    My claw also works with a current of 48v , doesn't matter if AC or DC. As I also built in a rigged mode, you can adjust the voltage of the claw. I am controlling the claw with an arduino relay shield, but as it only can control voltage between 0-30v or sth i have a second 48v relay which is controlled by the arduino relay.
    Atm I am also programming the rigged mode where u only can win every 10th time playing. The claw will then get weaker when it reached its top position, so the price will fall down again.
    The control circuit of the whole machine is a pretty complicated thing and sadly I don't have a plan for it.
    I hope I could help you and your sons out with your project!

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