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Video Game Task Automation Device

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Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool

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Voice Controlled Scooter Lights and Garage Door

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  • Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool 4 days ago

    -At current design, the button isn't used. I was going to make it a pause function to stop the cutter mid run, press again to continue. Same with the serial LCD, its there for a count down of qty entered vs done. Just haven't added the code yet.
    - The resistors on the PTV12010 isolated voltage regulator? Not sure they come on the board. I only mounted the board to raw PCB and used bar wire to make the connections. No resistors. :D
    -I'm not too sure about the A4988 stepper driver, I've never used one. I used the Big Easy stepper driver which might already have those pins jumped. I'll take a look at the board Monday and update the schematic if there is one. Thank you!

  • Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool about 1 month ago

    Thank you! I love making new tools and jigs. Always wanted to make my own drill press. I think the current state of drilling/tapping is a bit out of date.

  • Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool about 1 month ago

    Hello and thank you. I researched the professional machines that auto-strip with V shaped blades. It's possible with a new drive track design. There is a bit of tug and pull required to strip wire. The simple dual-wheel method I used can't mitigate the slip. Rev 2.0 for sure. :D

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