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Video Game Task Automation Device

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Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool

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Voice Controlled Scooter Lights and Garage Door

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  • DIY Automatic Cat Feeder over 1 year ago

    Good job on the over all problem solving and making a something work. However with all these automatic pet feeders coming out, I have to say something. Auto feeding your pet is the equivalent of locking your kids in the basement until they grow up. I'm not saying that in a mean way. Dinner time, especially with cats is an important part of the tribe social health. When you give them food, it's a sign of respect. It's a small amount of time everyday, but the action is extremely important for bonding with your pet. If you let a machine do this, you will not bond in the same way. Your pet will not respect you like it will the machine that feeds it.

  • Video Game Task Automation Device over 1 year ago

    Thank you! Ordered the DigiSpark. I'm always using an UNO to DEV, but never really step the hardware down to the right proportion. Thank you for the recommendation. Got a digispark on the way. :D

  • Simple Wire Length Cutting Tool over 1 year ago

    -At current design, the button isn't used. I was going to make it a pause function to stop the cutter mid run, press again to continue. Same with the serial LCD, its there for a count down of qty entered vs done. Just haven't added the code yet.
    - The resistors on the PTV12010 isolated voltage regulator? Not sure they come on the board. I only mounted the board to raw PCB and used bar wire to make the connections. No resistors. :D
    -I'm not too sure about the A4988 stepper driver, I've never used one. I used the Big Easy stepper driver which might already have those pins jumped. I'll take a look at the board Monday and update the schematic if there is one. Thank you!

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