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Provocation 3: aNonY

Provocation 3: aNonY

An Anonymous Physical Transition Space of Digitial Expression for Generation Y

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Components and supplies

Foamcore Sheets
A000066 iso both
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
Acrylic Instructions Plaque
Acrylic Box Cover
RFID Scanner
Portable Speakers
Extension Cords
Roll of Tape
Vinyl Sheet

About this project

Project Description

aNonY is a place where Generation Y expresses themselves in transitions between the physical and digital world. They come in and out of Moffit having to enter this non-space transitioning to and from the professional life track of school/future ambitions and personal lives dispersed throughout the city.

The experience in this non-space captures this moment of transition by enabling individuals to express themselves physically on the walls and digitally to the world. Never before has this moment of transition been captured.

The space demonstrates mass transition by enabling individuals to activate the wall with their ID card and type a word that is on their mind based on a prompted part of speech to modify part of an existing sentence. This sentence is projected onto the wall while light is projected back at the individual from the windows on the same wall. Mass transition is captured as each sentence on the wall represents the contribution of seven different individuals.

We envision capturing all words and sentences digitally on a web feed so the broader community can view the expression and become enticed to physically experience the transition, collaboration, and contribution themselves.

The Space

  • Looks inherently empty.
  • Outside light shines through two windows.
  • Inside window views of library entrance. 
  • Brutalist architecture. 
  • Concrete walls.
  • Sounds.
  • Echos.
  • Houses objects not lost or found.
  • Non-space.
  • In-between space
  • Transition space
  • Occasional hobo residency. 

The Experience

when inside the space<

  • A transition space.
  • Use to go to class / study / bathroom
  • For those leaving the library but haven’t quite escaped.
  • For those entering the library but experiencing a last moment of freedom.
  • Some stop and look around.
  • Few sit and stare.
  • Few add artifacts.
  • Items inside are not owned, but not trash.
  • Gallery feel.
  • Those inside are anonymous.
  • Randomness. 
  • Private. 



5 Unexpected Objects

30-Second Audio Interviews

User 1

Does this place have any special meaning to you?

   Yes, because I walk through it every day, this is one of my campus homes. I walk between the BCNM Commons to here, the entrance to the ladies bathroom, all the time, every day.

Is there anything that stands out to you in this area?

    It’s brutalist architecture, which I like. I think more of it on this campus is good than bad, but I’m in the minority of people who think that. I like that it’s shaded, I like concrete a lot. I like this space a lot!

User 2

Does this place have any special meaning to you?

    I actually hardly ever notice it, it doesn’t really mean anything to me. I use it to get down to classrooms or use the bathroom in Moffitt.

Is there anything that stands out to you in this area?

    It’s actually a big space and the sound is really nice in here. It seems noticeably unused or underutilized. There’s no sunlight, it’s all concrete, and I don’t think you get very much cell phone reception in here.

User 3

Does this place have any special meaning to you?

    This is the first time I’ve ever walked through here. It’s dark, and kind of weird. 

Is there anything that stands out to you in this area?

    It’s especially weird because there’s this nice looking entrance over there, but then right here it’s sort of underground garage like.

Non-Physical Representations

Initial Provocation Ideas and Brainstorms

Installation Photos

Node, JavaScript, Arduino Code

Video Demo



Measured Drawings

lux readings

Traces of time, wear, and use that was unplanned

Idea Generation

The Transition & Thought Process

transitioning away from the old idea...<
>We noticed there were many objects and an opportunity to create a gallery feel, but the barrier to participation to leave an object was too high. We also felts like we weren't maximizing the potential of the space.

coming to a new idea...<
>We still wanted to enable individuals to be able to express themselves in a collaborative, yet private way. We also wanted to capture more sensory elements of the space in an expansive way. Furthermore, we believed we could increase the participation and use of this non-space. 

we decided to go with projection...<
>This enabled us to play with lighting in the space, project individual expression in a literal way, and enable individuals to leave their mark. 

we decided to build software and go with words...<
>This enabled us to make the entry barrier next to nothing. It also allowed us to come up with a creative, collaborative way to intersect digital, physical, and dynamic participation that is constantly developing and changing over time. 

we decided to go with RFID...<
>This enabled us to facilitate mass participation by make the system only work with multiple users. 

we decided to go with foam core...<
>This allowed us to hide laptops and the projector and create a unobtrusive but noticeable / inviting experience.

Presentation Slides

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Foamcore Sheets
A000066 iso both
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
Acrylic Instructions Plaque
Acrylic Box Cover
RFID Scanner
Portable Speakers
Extension Cords
Roll of Tape
Vinyl Sheet

Step by Step

Step 1: Cut out foamcore boxes and arrow

Create the two boxes out of foamcore to our specifications. One box to hold the projector and one laptop, the other to house the second laptop, RFID scanner, keyboard, speakers, arduino and plaque. Cut out an arrow to highlight where the interaction takes place.

Step 2: Cut Footprints

Using our footprint file, cut out vinyl footprints to lead people into the installation

Step 3: Download necessary code

Install Node and all of its dependencies, then run the code hosted on our github. Make sure the arduino is loaded with the arduino code, and to change the serialport to your specific port. After that, you can run the node server.

Step 4: Set up Laptops

The laptop (1) connected to the projector should just be mirroring the screen on the laptop (2) connected to the RFID scanner and keyboard.

2 should be running the node server, and have the arduino, keyboard, RFID scanner, and speakers plugged into it. the scanner should be taped to the top of the box so that people can scan their IDs.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Watch your sentence evolve!



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