Act on Multiple Sketches at Once on the Web Editor!

Act on Multiple Sketches at Once on the Web Editor!

Want to clean up or better organize your online sketchbook? Do it in just a few clicks on the Arduino Web Editor!

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Note: This tutorial could be outdated, please go here for a more current version.


If you have a big sketchbook, you may want to cleanup/categorize things once in a while. With our bulk action tool, you can delete, move or download multiple sketches at the same time.

Step 1

  • Move your mouse over the sketch icon, a checkbox appears.
  • Click the checkbox, the sketch is added to bulk selection. The bulk selection toolbar and checkboxes appear.
  • Select all the sketches you want. You can even select sketches from different folders. When you’re done selecting the sketches, pick the action you want from the bulk action toolbar (Delete, Download, Move).

Step 2

  • If you want to remove the whole selection, you can click anywhere outside of the sidebar, press the ESC button on your keyboard, or press the deselection icon (the X button by the ‘Selected’ text on the bulk action toolbar). Instead if you want to select multiple sketches at once just pick the first, hold ‘shift’ key on your keyboard, and select the last one.

Some notes on this feature:

  • If you select multiple files and hit ‘Download’ we will package a nice single .zip file for you. Please note that unfortunately Safari does not support a standard download attribute in HTML5, so for now this feature is supported only on Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
  • You can’t bulk action on folders. If you want to delete a whole folder just right click on it and select ‘Delete’ from the contextual menu.


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