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  • Pavlov's Cat 10 months ago

    code fixed! thanks for your report

  • Love You Pillow 12 months ago

    Hello !
    The secret tab is a feature designed for the Arduino Web Editor, it allows you to safely store sensitive information like WiFi password or API keys. It is a tab that cannot be shared so to prevent you from sharing passwords by mistake.

    You can find an extensive explanation here.

  • Love You Pillow about 1 year ago

    Thanks for your comment. We fixed the issue with the Telegram example (by making the Watchdog library optional and not included in the example sketch ).
    Although we don't understand your issue with the headers, can you elaborate please?

  • Getting Started with Arduino Web Editor on Various Platforms over 1 year ago

    @dneui09 please open a thread on our Forum page,, making sure you specify your OS, Browser and any useful information that can help us debug your issue. Thanks!

  • Download and Store Web Data almost 2 years ago

    Did you update the SD library to latest version?

  • Import Your Sketchbook and Libraries to the Web Editor about 2 years ago

    Hey @biokys,
    we had a glitch on the space allowed per user last week, could you please try again and report any further issue on


  • MKR Zero Weather Data Logger about 2 years ago

    Hi! You need to install the RTCZero library using the library manager

  • MKR Zero Weather Data Logger about 2 years ago

    yes, if you use low power politics like standby and event driven wakeups

  • MKR1000 WiFi Robot over 2 years ago

    Hi, it depends on the battery amperage. This robot sinks about 100mA when motors aren't running and about 400mA when motors are running. So worst case is averaging at (400+100)/2 = 250mA
    If a battery is (to make simple calculations) 1000mAh we have:
    time < 1000mAh/250mA = 4h

    hope this help!

  • MKR1000 WiFi Robot over 2 years ago

    The file is too big to be displayed in the web interface. Github thinks that all the files are code so it tries to display it as a plain text and here comes the issue. If you download it on your PC everything should be good :)

  • Arduino Cloud Sensor Tower over 2 years ago

    Hi YixiongBao,
    did you install all the required libraries?
    what kind of bugs did you get?

  • One Button to Rule Them All almost 3 years ago

    This is because of how Arduino Cloud was configured:
    - Every user is capable of publishing and writing to topics that are after it's username.
    - Api keys (deviceId and devicepsw) are created on the cloud platform;Those are the authentication value you have to use to connect to the mqtt brocker.

    Basically on Arduino Cloud :
    - What you use to call the "MQTT Username" is the Arduino Cloud "deviceID"
    - What you use to call the "MQTT Password" on Arduino Cloud is the "devicePSW"
    - the "Device Name" is the user readable name of the device use as the mqtt "deviceID"

    The parameter of the username is just use to enable you to subscribe to the right cue
    client.publish '/<username>/<devicename>/topic'

  • Smart Thermostat almost 3 years ago

    Sorry, we just added all the files, thanks :)

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