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Learn how to submit your project made with Arduino and Genuino boards, it may get featured on the Arduino social channels!

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About this project

Arduino Project Hub (powered by is a community dedicated to discovering how fun and rewarding tinkering with electronics and software can be, so any project made with Arduino and Genuino boards is welcome!

Every day the Arduino Team will select some of the best tutorials and highlight them on our social channels.

Arduino Project Hub is also a great place to keep your projects and easily share them with your friends, students and community!

How to submit your project:

  • Create an Arduino ID here
  • Log in on Arduino Project Hub and remember to add an Arduino/Genuino board to your components list ;-)
  • Click 'New Project' button on the header

You can post different types of content according to your work:

  • Tutorial: You've added detailed instructions so that anyone could replicate your project. (See Example)
  • Showcase: You just want to show the final result and have written no or partial instructions. (See Example)
  • Work in progress: Your project isn't yet complete but you still want to share and document it as you go. (See Example)
  • Protip: You describe how to solve a single problem. (See Example)
  • Teardowns/unboxings: You take a deeper look at a piece of hardware or software. 
  • Getting started guides: You explain how to get started with a specific piece of hardware or software. (See Example)

At the end of the submission process you’ll be able to choose one of these categories for your content. For each project, remember to be accurate setting the difficulty level, and to add a maximum of three tags (choose wisely!). This way people in the community will easily find something that fits their interest and skillset.

Project Hub has been designed specifically for projects made with Arduino and Genuino boards, so don't forget to fill the Hardware and Software tabs.

Import a project from another platform

If you have tutorials and articles on other platforms, we’ve got some good news! There is a cool import function so you can just paste the link and we’ll take care of the transfer. When you click on 'New Project' you will be presented with two options, create a tutorial from scratch or import one via URL.

Embed your project

You can embed a project you like in your website by clicking the Share button and pasting the iFrame code in your page. You can also share it on social media!

If you have access to the Arduino Web Editor things are really easy! Every sketch you create has a unique URL, similarly to GDocs. If you give the URL to someone, they will be able to see your code, add it to their Sketchbook in the Cloud or download it. Add the link in the Software section, your code will be embedded and will always be up-to-date.

Want to try this feature out? Sign up here!

Get your project published

For now the content you submit for publication goes through a manual moderation process, so don't worry if you don't see it published right away. Plus, be sure to fulfill all the content guidelines. As always, if you encounter a bug or you want to share an idea, please write us on the Forum.

Thanks again for all your contributions and we look forward to seeing all your amazing projects! So what are you waiting for? Get started!


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