How to Subscribe to the Arduino Chrome App for Education

How to Subscribe to the Arduino Chrome App for Education

An overview of the subscription process for Arduino Create Chrome App for Education. It works perfectly with ChromeOS and Chromebook.

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This step-by step guide is intended for schools that are looking into a subscription of Arduino Create Chrome App for Education, and what to expect when purchasing.

If you are an individual not in an education environment and want to use the Arduino Chrome App on your personal Chromebook, please visit the store. (Note that there is a five-day free trial.)

The Arduino Create Chrome App for Education allows students to write code and upload sketches to official Arduino boards (including Uno, 101, Mega, Mega ADK, Esplora, Nano (ATmega328), Micro, Zero, MKR1000, MKR WiFi 1010, MKR Zero, MKR Fox 1200, MKR GSM 1400, MKR WAN 1300, Pro and Pro Mini (ATmega328)) from your browser on Chrome OS devices.

Arduino Create is hosted online, therefore it will always be up-to-date with the latest features and support for new boards. Students' sketchbooks are saved on the cloud, always backed up and accessible from any device.

Steps to Subscribe

To subscribe, you will need to create an Arduino ID, decide on a subscription plan, and provide information on your school. You’ll also need a valid credit card or a US bank account, and the email addresses of the those you want to enroll. We also have a solution for students that do not have access to email.

What payment methods are available?

You can subscribe either with a valid credit card, or by setting up an automatic draft on your bank account. For credit card subscriptions, we’ll charge your card once a month. For the bank draft method, we will execute a bank transfer monthly using the ACH wire transfer system. We plan to add a purchase order option in the future.

How can I just test the app?

If you want to test the product properly and before enrolling your class, you may subscribe just one person (i.e., yourself). It will cost you only 40 cents for a one month subscription. At the end of the first month, if you’re not satisfied with the it, just cancel the one subscription. Hopefully, though, you will be pleased. Then you can add your students and change your subscription plan.

Create an Arduino Account

An Arduino account for your school is necessary to purchase a subscription. Create a new Arduino Account via this link. You will be shown in your web browser a registration form. After you’ve completed it, hit the Create Account button. You’ll quickly receive an email with a link to activate your account. Click on that link to confirm the account.

Select a Plan

Our subscription plans are monthly. All plans will allow your students to use the online Editor on any Chrome OS device.

Go to and click on the plan that best suits your needs, based on the number of students you would like to enroll. Don't worry if you select a smaller plan and then enroll a more students, we’ll automatically adjust the subscription to accommodate the extra students.

When selecting a plan, you will be asked to log in. Now it's the time to use your credentials.

Enter School Information

We need a few details about your school, in particular, billing information and where to email invoices each month. We also need a copy of the school’s tax exempt certificate, if you have it. You can upload a copy of it in either PDF or JPG format, but it can’t be more than 5MB.

Select the Number of Seats

Next, you have to enter the number of seats for your class or school, based on the number of students you would like to enroll. We will automatically update the rate based on the quantity you enter, regardless of the plan you chose. You’ll be able to adjust the size of your plan and the number of seats after your registration has been completed. You can do this on your Plan page.

Choose Payment Method

You can subscribe with a valid credit card or pay by monthly automatic wire transfer (requires a U.S. bank account that is part the ACH system). Following this section is a sub-section with information on each choice. Please read the section that relates to the payment method you choose. You may skip the other.

Credit Card Method

If you choose to pay by this method, your credit card information will be saved by Stripe so that you won’t have to enter it again, even if you change your plan or the number of students.

When is my credit card charged and when will I be invoiced?

Your credit card is charged when you first subscribe to a plan. It is then charged on a monthly basis, on the same day of the month when you first subscribed. Invoices will be sent out at the end of the billing cycle.

ACH Wire Transfer Method

When choosing the monthly ACH wire transfer payment method, you will be asked how many months you would like to subscribe. If you’re not sure, you can choose a short term and change the subscription duration later. We just need a minimum length of time to start.

Next, click on the checkbox to confirm you have an ACH transfer-enabled U.S. bank account. Then click on the button below it, Pay with Wire Transfer.

ACH Transfer Instructions

At this point you will need to enter your bank information. If you have a blank check, you can click on the Copy button and then scan it. Otherwise, you’ll have to enter your bank’s routing number and your bank account number.

Once we have verified that the correct amount will be transferred, we will send you a few emails about the billing invoice and related to installing the Chrome App.

When will the wire transfer be processed?

The initial wire transfer is processed when you first subscribe. It is than processed on a monthly, on the same day of the month when you first subscribed. Invoices will be sent out at the end of the billing cycle.

Install the Chrome App on Your Devices

Students may now install the app on their devices by going to this Chrome App Store link and selecting Install.

If a student is unable to install the app, please have your system administrator assist them, or they can view this tutorial. Incidentally, a system administrator can bulk install the app on several Chrome OS devices at the same time.

Create a Group and Add Students

Click on See Your Plan to access your subscription settings. From there, you may enter information on students to allow them to use the Arduino Chrome App for Education.

First you should provide a group name (e.g., "Robotic Class" or "3rd Grade"). This is useful for being able to manage everyone in a particular group. For instance, you can easily remove all of the members. You might do this if you have a few people who will use the Chrome app for only a few weeks.

Next, enter your students' email addresses for the group you create. You can do so by typing each email address and then clicking the Add button. If you have a list of email addresses in a text document, you can just copy and paste them into the large input field. You can also upload a CSV (comma separated values) file containing only one column of data, just the email addresses.

You, as a teacher using the Chrome App, don’t need to add your email address to the list since access is free for you as long as the subscription associated with your Arduino account is active.

If an email address is somehow entered incorrectly, you’ll see an error message. Either correct or delete the incorrect email address.

Invites to Access the Chrome App

We will send an invitation email to all of the students you entered. The student’s email address must be the same one they will use for their Arduino ID.

What about students who can’t receive emails?

When you purchase a license for your students, an invite will be generated for each. This will include a short URL which will direct them to an online form to enroll without using an email address. You can give them that short URL to type into their web browser.

To make it easier to distribute, you can print the page listing the invites and then cut it into strips, one for each student. Please note that these students won’t be able to recover their password without an email address.

Your Plan

Your plan has a few settings available: Members, Classrooms, Billing, School Info, and Help.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the often asked questions that are mixed in with the instructions above, below is a list of other frequently asked questions.

How do I add a student later?

You can add students from the Plan page, on the Members section. Charges for the additional students will be adjusted proportionally for students added in mid-month. If a student is replacing someone who has been removed, that may be a wash.

How do I remove someone?

You can remove students from your Plan page. Click on the checkbox alongside the student’s email address and then hit Delete on the bar that will appear. You may add another student to take their place, or just remove the unused seat on the billing section.

The removed student will lose the ability to upload to any Arduino board from their Arduino Chrome App for Education. All of their sketches will still be available, and students will be able to write and verify the code, save, and use the serial monitor.

How does adding and removing seats effect billing?

Adding or removing seats from your plan will affect the monthly cost of your subscription. We will automatically update the monthly charge based on any changes to the number of seats.

If the payment method you chose was by credit card, we’ll adjust the next month’s payment accordingly. If you’re paying by wire transfer, we’ll credit or debit your account accordingly. For additions that exceed the previous month’s payment, you may be asked to make an additional wire transfer.

What happens to remaining wired funds at the end of the plan?

If you have a credit when your subscription ends or you cancel it, we will wire you the funds. On the billing section of your Plan page, you can find information on transferred, spent, and remaining funds, as well as information on the next draft.

How do I delete a group?

You can delete a group on your Plan page. Just click on the button labeled, “Delete Plan” on the billing page. Once you do this, all of the members of the group will lose the ability to upload code to their boards using the Chrome App.

What happens in the summer when school is closed?

At the end of the school year, you can simply delete the plan on the billing page. Your school details as well as their email addresses will be kept. At the beginning of the new year, you will just need to re-enter your credit card information and everything will be active again.

What about students who will use the app for only a few weeks?

If you plan to use an app for a group of students for only a few weeks, you can create a team just for them. When they’re finished, just delete that group.

Can I provide access to students who participate only one time or rarely?

Many teachers have students who participate only one time, perhaps part of a seminar. Some teachers sponsor a student club in which students attend activities once a week at most and don’t always attend. You can create a group just for these students. Then add and remove seats as needed. The cost per month starts at only $0.40 per student.

How can students use Chromebooks instead of Create?

Many schools use Chromebooks. It’s typically the property of the school and not the students. These teachers are often concerned that if a student accesses Arduino Create outside of the classroom, they will be using Create on their computer instead of Chromebook.

To resolve this situation, students just need to install a plugin on their laptop as described in this tutorial. Then they need to log in with their Arduino account on Their sketchbook will remain the same since it’s hosted online.


Students may sometimes have trouble accessing or using the application. Below are some suggestions on how to troubleshoot common problems.

No Chrome App Connection

Sometimes, when a user goes to on Chromebook, they will see a warning message that says, “‘No Chrome App connection. Upload is disabled until you reconnect.”

To resolve this, first ask your system administrator if they have permitted and installed the Arduino Create Chrome app on all the Chrome OS devices. This tutorial provides an explanation of how to do this.

Next, make sure that when the student logs into that they’re using the same email address you gave us for their licence.

User is Unlicensed

When uploading a sketch, a student may receive a message that says they’re not licensed. The problem may that the student didn’t accepted the invite email we sent them, or they might not have created an Arduino ID.

You can verify this on the Members page. Look for them in the Pending Members section. You can re-invite them and then they can create an Arduino ID. If they’re not on the pending list, make sure they’re using the same email address for their Arduino account as the one you provided for their invitation.

More Trouble or Questions

If you have any other problems or questions on the Chrome App, please post a message on the Arduino Forum.


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