Move from Codebender to the Arduino Web Editor

Move from Codebender to the Arduino Web Editor

Coming from Codebender? Good news, you can move all your work in a few simple steps!

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Sadly Codebender is shutting down. The good news is that we have the Arduino Web Editor. The best part? You can move all your work from Codebender to the online IDE with just a few simple steps.

1. First, you need to download all your Codebender sketches and libraries.

  • Login to your Codebender account.
  • Select a sketch, press the download button, and choose .zip. Repeat this for every sketch you want to export.
  • If you have any custom libraries, download them by pressing the “Download All” button in the home view.
  • You should end up with a variety of sketches and libraries in .zip format

2. Next, put together a valid sketchbook.

  • Create a folder and move all the .zips inside of it. Detailed instructions for each OS can be found below.

Linux & Mac

  • Select the .zip file. For Mac, double click on it to unzip it. For Linux, right click and choose “Extract Here”.
  • All the sketches are now unzipped.
  • Create a folder named “Sketchbook”, and move all the sketch folders in it.


  • We recommend you use 7-zip to unpack multiple files. Alternatively, you can double click on each individual .zip and choose “Extract All”.
  • Select all the sketches, right click and pick “Extract files…”.
  • In the result dialogue window, type “Sketchbook” in the current folder as the target.
  • Unzip library zip to the sketchbook folder, it will have a default name along the lines of "personal_libraries_xxxx".
  • Rename it to “libraries”.
  • Please make sure the whole package is smaller than 100MB, and each file is smaller than 5MB. If it’s too large, the import will fail.
  • Zip the sketchbook folder into a zip pack called "".

3. Last but not least, import your sketchbook into the Arduino Web Editor.

  • Go to, for some general information on how to get started on the Web Editor see this tutorial. When you are logged in and ready hit the import button on the Sketchbook panel.
  • Press ‘Import’ on the modal.
  • Pick your "" from the file system selector.
  • Wait for the import process to finish. If your sketchbook is big (containing lots of files), this may take a while.
  • And that’s it! There will be a report of the sketches imported. If you already have sketches with the same name in the online IDE, these sketches will fail to import to avoid conflict.

If you have libraries in the sketchbook, another report will tell you those that successfully imported. If you have existing custom libraries with the same names, it’ll prompt you to overwrite the existing ones. Be sure to proceed with caution!


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