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Fast Power-MOSFET Driver Cookbook

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Hand gesture control wheelchair for disabled people

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  • High Voltage Converter And Flashtube (Part 2) over 4 years ago

    Due to the Arduino platform the flash can be fired on a variety of triggers, e.g. when an optical barrier is interrupted or when a contact has been closed or (with selectable delay) after an action has been activated (etc. etc.). The advantage is, that the duration of the flash is very short and the reaction time is very short. To give you a few examples:
    - a drop of fluid or a Piece of solid material passes a light barrier and the Arduino starts a time-delay. As soon as the time delay expires the flash will be fired, assuming a camera is ready with open shutter (set to 'B'). This will make the situation (form of a drop in gas, orientation of solid Piece of material in a fluid) visible.
    - Arduino fires a pulse using an ultrasonic phased array into a fluid Environment of a striation optic. after a selected delay, the flash is fired and makes the form of the ultra-sonic pulse visible (with the help of the striation optic). Note, that for this kind of Imaging the pulse Needs to be short and the storage capacitor for the high voltage should be selected smaller than shown in this Project description. Again the camera would be set to 'B'.


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