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  • BU ScoreBoard (IoT ScoreBoard) 12 days ago

    Hey. How's the project going for you? Yeah, it is a little confusing (I was confused too when I first got started). Your best bet is probably to contact them. Did they ever get back to you? If not, I'm connected with them on slack and could send them a message for you.

  • BU ScoreBoard (IoT ScoreBoard) 20 days ago

    My guess is that your my sports feeds account doesn't have access to those sports feeds. Type this in:

    I believe it will ask for credentials. If it doesn't allow you to see the scores in json then your account doesn't have access. Access is free through my sports feeds.

  • BU ScoreBoard (IoT ScoreBoard) 22 days ago

    The problem you are having with the app not loading anything:
    line 29 of ChooseMatchupActivity. That is not the actual password for the api. I would recommend creating an account on MySportsFeeds and then you will have to put in your own username on line 28 and your own password on line 29.

    As for the pictures:
    I believe the picture of the back that I provided should be sufficient. I recommend getting seven segment displays and hooking everything up on a breadboard first to get all the wiring correctly.

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