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Area Stepper Motor drive (vertical, upside down, horizontal

Area Stepper Motor drive (vertical, upside down, horizontal

Area stepper motor on an electromagnetic lane. A basic physical working system hold and drives only based on electromagnetic forces. .

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To see this electromagnetic vehicle driving and holding itself upside-down, check out this YouTube video:

The story behinded: I started with the idea to construct a special lane who can transmit wireless energy to a special car on it. For this i need sensors to check the position of the car on the lane. After first construction i found out that this principle can work much better if the car itself has no wheels and controlled by electromagnetic forces.

One result is the Video above.

Now i develope this principle further to make it more flexible. The next great step in this project is to make the lane cellular and controllable wireless. (hard work - believe me)

A fare goal from this idea is to blow this electromagnetic concept up in 3 dimensions.

A preview YouTube Video of this goal you can see as a mechanical idea there:


Some more raw details to this project:


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