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Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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  • Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator 4 months ago

    Hi Adrian,
    Sorry for the delay; I only just saw your comment.
    To download click "Read More" above.
    Then on the next page click "2 releases"
    and then on the next page click "DueArbitraryWaveformGenerator.ino" and "DueAWGController32.rar."
    These instructions are also shown on each page.
    I hope this helps.

  • Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator 5 months ago

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your awesome comment.
    Regarding you question about triggering:
    You may be interested to know that the AWG can already be triggered by double clicking "FREQUENCY" in the GUI, but only if the frequency is lower than 0.5 Hz .
    However, in order to achieve it's wide specification range, the AWG produces waves in completely different ways depending on the frequency, duty cycle and "Exact Mode" so a different way of triggering would also be needed at different frequencies etc, requiring more code than you might expect.
    Even worse, in order to provide "one burst" of the arbitrary wave it would, of course, be necessary to detect the end of the wave cycle, and usually arbitrary waves (in this AWG) are used at 0 % or 100% duty cycle, so if you wanted to use the pulse from the (synchronized) square wave for this purpose it would be too short for the arduino to detect using normal code in the void loop for example. Therefore, code would most likely have to be put in the DACC_handler and TCO_Handler, but these are VERY time critical and ANY extra code there would use too much time, making a lower overall resolution necessary; and thereby spoiling the specifications of the AWG.
    I hope this makes sense to you.
    If the one shot effect is not essential (or resolution unimportant) and only a narrow frequency range etc is needed the idea may be practical. If you'd like to give more details of just what you need I'll see if I can help.

  • Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator 8 months ago

    Hi JD,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    Yes, perhaps it would be over the top (but possible) to add AM. I have no plans to do so.
    At the moment all my time is consumed on a 43 x 43 x 45cm Foldable 3D Printer that I've almost finished building.

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