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Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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  • Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator 3 months ago

    Hi JD,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    Yes, perhaps it would be over the top (but possible) to add AM. I have no plans to do so.
    At the moment all my time is consumed on a 43 x 43 x 45cm Foldable 3D Printer that I've almost finished building.

  • Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator 8 months ago

    Hi Breno,
    Because you have the same trouble on 2 computers, and because nobody else has reported this problem despite many downloads, and because I have run the program successfully on multiple computers with a genuine Arduino Due and have also tried a cheap Chinese Due, but have not tried it with the same Due version as yours, I think you could be right suspecting your Due. It would be good if you had another one to try, wouldn't it?
    If anyone else has had this problem, we would like to hear from you!!
    PS: Did you install Processing 3? It looks really similar to the Arduino GUI, doesn't it?

  • Arduino Due Arbitrary Waveform Generator 8 months ago

    Hi Breno,
    I suppose I should have guessed the answer was yes. I suggest checking if you can control the DUE using Arduino's serial monitor at 115200 baud. If you can, then I would not expect the com rate to be the problem. If you can't, it would be easier to just change the rate in the .ino file at first, to see if it helps (using the monitor).

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