ASCII-Braille Real-Time Translation via Arduino

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Arduino + LCD Display as a Bicycle Speedometer

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Bluetooth Dialogue with Arduino via HC-05 Module

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  • ASCII-Braille Real-Time Translation via Arduino almost 3 years ago

    Needless to say, you can as well translate Braille in arbitrary sounds with six passive buzzers working at different frequencies... :-)

  • Stepper-Based Rotating Stand Controlled by Serial Dialogue over 3 years ago
    Thanks, Adam!

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  • Stepper-Based Rotating Stand Controlled by Serial Dialogue over 3 years ago

    Hi Adam,
    About not-really-continuous rotation, I suppose that you are right, I hadn't the patience to wait how many turns would 10000 step last (a little less than 5 full 360° rotations I would say). All you need is trying with higher values. As long as this was just a demonstrator, "continuous" just meant "several rotations".

    If you need actually continuous rotation, it can be surely done, it suffices to enter a loop where you continuously move it one step forward. But to implement a break in that loop I would have needed an entirely different program structure, while in fact I wanted the main loop to constantly check for keyboard inputs and act consequently to the five commands.

    I also found an old thread about the same issue, but I haven't checked whether or not this applies to the specific stepper we are talking about: - also in that case the program would need significant modifications.

    I don't know why the "guillemets" angle brackets don't print on your emulator - as long as they are purely esthetical you may well omit them or substitute with single quotes.

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