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Arduino Project: Burglar Zone Input Tester

Project tutorial by Cezarjar

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  • Arduino Project: Burglar Zone Input Tester almost 2 years ago

    In the professional alarm systems, the contact or sensor is wired with a control panel or a control unit. These cables are of the type without shielding and are often of the typical cables used to connect telephone sockets.
    They are relatively easily accessible and there is no way to protect them with a tamper switch or something similar. Also, the knowledge of conductors and their polarity is not necessary, because you can use several testing devices connected circulating manner in a closed circuit loop, so that each voltage will be measured and remembered. Even the devices can be connected secretly anywhere along the cable at particular and their activation can take place at another times remotely. And no alarm will be generated despite the Alarm ON condition. Thus, referring to security tamper or unknown color of the wire will not change the fact that the system will be effectively blocked.
    It simply puts tension on the wires and the laws of electrical circuits in a stiff state give such results.
    Please see my article:

    "Improved Zone Protection” at hacker magazine 2600 issue: spring 2017.

  • Alarm System Security Put to the Test almost 3 years ago

    I have post article how to build a device to compromise a hardwired zone input of commercial burglar alarm systems. It can be found at Face book of Cezary Jan Jaronczyk.
    The idea is simple as zones powered by the constant voltage, measure it at status door or window closed and feedback the same voltage (Arduino Uno based project). Now the wire can be cut, door opened and zone input measure the voltage as no alarm status. Is it them burglar systems. Is then certificate for such a system still complains with burglar alarm systems?

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