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3D Printer Power Controller and Fault Monitor

Project in progress by Colin Russell-Conway

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Arduino MKR1000/Zero Neopixel Throwie

Project tutorial by Colin Russell-Conway

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  • Arduino MKR1000/Zero Neopixel Throwie over 4 years ago

    I haven't tried to compile this in over a year but It sounds like it might be a library or boards error as TC_Stop and Pio *port are nowhere in the code. Have you tried searching for the error? From a quick search I think it's an issue with the neopixels library. Try update it to the latest version or if it is already try roll it back to a previous one that's compatible with the arduino zero.

  • Arduino MKR1000/Zero Neopixel Throwie almost 6 years ago

    Still some more work to be done but it works! It's adapted from a sketch I have for an ESP8266 but as that can host files (without an SD card) I could use it to serve larger pages and some jquery/js code which gave me the option of using a color wheel to select the color. Plan on sorting that in this later on.

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