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Cloud connected Reconnaissance Droid

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  • Cloud connected Reconnaissance Droid over 4 years ago

    I'll take a look, although push object tutorials is what you may be looking for.

  • Cloud connected Reconnaissance Droid almost 5 years ago

    3 power sources AA for servos, 9v for Arduino, and power stick/brick for photon. It is currently fully powered and the weight is good. The parts are all in the list under about. It was easier to list it out in word and then paste it in the about section. I am also looking for aesthetics in the design. So I cannot make it too clunky. It must look as if it came out of Star Wars being that I made it with the challenge in mind.

    You know another thought too. I or a person re-creating it, could feasibly swap out the Arduino for the RPI2. It would even have an operating system to hook up a monitor too. It having that beautiful HDMI port. It just can't for weight sake have all three components in there the PI2, Arduino and Photon. But don't be fooled this little Droid of mine is fully operational, with some quarks and uncertainty of being able to use the video and PIR sensor on one photon device. That is the part I am working on, also I don't have two particle photons and the challenge calls to use at least one. Plus in the end you will be able to control the entire Droid with your smartphone. Also as a last minute effort I wanted to make the particle cloud work with Azure cloud for the push notification. I want to make it work for my Windows Phone, and have it available in the Windows Store as a Universal App.=0)

  • Cloud connected Reconnaissance Droid almost 5 years ago

    I should also respond to the RPI comment, that would be a good alternative. I was planning on using my RPI2 with the USB cable for the camera originally. However, I also think about balancing the weight issue with the smaller servos. I want the droid to stay light like the BB. So I'm working on making both of them work effectively on one system. If it was to be used as say a field drone. It would be outfitted to suit. Since this is a prototype I wanted to keep things fairly in-expensive and more toy like(i.e. light in weight).

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