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Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage

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Homemade Claw Machine

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Morse Code Transceiver

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Arduino Keyless Door Lock System with Keypad and LCD

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  • Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage 17 days ago

    It should work. To modify the waiting time you just have to change this value from 30000 to the desired time in msec. So there might be something else that we are not able to see. Note that you can check the elapsed time (in seconds) from the display.
    Tomorrow I will try to modify this value (from 30 to 60 sec for instance) in my board to check it and I will let you know the result.

  • Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage 22 days ago

    Hello, José. I am so glad about your comment because I am also thinking about the issue of the possible stuck of the gate. You are right, if the limit sensor is not detected (for whatever reason) or the gate collide with something that the photocell has not detected, the current absorved by the motor will increase considerably and this is not good for the motor itself or for the contacts of the relays. These kind of sensors that you mention would be very useful here. I have to think about that. On fact, as you can see from my code, I have added a feature that monitors the elapsed time closing or opening the gate, and if the process lasts more then the motor stops and the "failure flag" is activated. This is to avoid the possible overheat of the motor or the damage of the circuitry. Note: when the failure flag is activated, the light will keep turned on during one minute after the gate has been closed. This is to indicate to the user (me) that has been ocurred something wrong. The flag is cleared just manually resetting the Arduino, of course.
    Thank you very much for this comment.

  • Homemade Claw Machine 23 days ago

    Very nice project! I love this kind of implementations! Thanks for the detailed description.

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