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Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage

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  • Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage 28 days ago

    If you need to keep the door opened, just send the "OPEN" command while the door is still opening or closing. As you can see in the flowchart, the controller will stop the motor and it will wait for the command again.
    Regarding the local switch to operate the gate, you can do what @José Anjos suggest to add a manual button, and connect it directly bypassing the output for the radio module in the input Digital 4 (D4).

  • Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage about 1 month ago

    I understand you mean that your electric motor is 12V DC powered instead of 125/220 AC. In that case, you just have to modify the circuitry related to the relays. You have to dispose the connections from the relay actuators in order to suppy forward 12V to the motor and reverse 12V when turning the motor in one direction or the other. In that case, to keep things simple, my recomendation is to use a 12V light bulb instead of 220V.

  • Automatic Sliding Door for the Garage 3 months ago

    Yes, these photocells are similar than the ones I am using in this project. I recomentd that you choose 12V powered in order to use the same power supply that you are using for the main control unit (Arduino, Oled display, relays, ...). Normally these devices offer a NO or NC connection, so you can choose what you preffer. I prefer to use NC connection because I think is safer (if the wire or connector brakes then the door will stop, otherwise it will not detect nothing and this could be dangerous).
    On the other hand, this kind of photocells has a drawback. They need to be powered for both units, the emitter and the receiver (each one at each end of the door travel). This could be a problem if you are not able to "cross" the door gap with power wires. If this is the case then you could use instead another sort of photocels that only one of the units are active and need the power supply. This is because one unit has embedded the emitter and the receiver and the other unit is a simply reflector (catadioptric disc).
    I hope this helps.

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