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Digital Wall Clock

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PC Chassis Fans

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Stereo NeoPixel Ring VU Meter

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  • Digital Wall Clock 7 months ago


    It is a DS3231 board temperature. I wrote it above. "Also clock displays the DS3231 board temperature between 30-32 seconds of each minute."
    May be you did not pay attention.
    It starts from line 218

    If you want to deactivate it, just delete "if" operand at line 218-220 and related "else" 241-250 starting from "else"
    And it will not show the board temperature

  • MOSMusic 9 months ago

    I am also wondering why you need MOSFET to drive an opto triac and spend the money to them? You could just connect the cathode (pin 2) of opto triac directly to MPU and inverse the outputs. It is not precarious at all.

  • Stereo NeoPixel Ring VU Meter 9 months ago

    Yeah. It is code preview, where saying about truncate of code at 1004 line. I just did not pay attention of that.
    Anyway,I already downloaded it and fixed the problem. It is strange that Arduino IDE 1.8.1 cannot not opened it. Then I create a new project in Arduino IDE, opened 20180202 code in Notepad++ and just copied it to created blank project in IDE and compiled.
    Compiled successfully. Now waiting for devices to set it up.
    Will send a video when I`ll finish. Thank you.

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