HeliOS Embedded Operating System

HeliOS Embedded Operating System © GPL3+

An embedded operating system for Arduino that is small, easy to use and can be added to any project from the Arduino IDE Library Manager.

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HeliOS was written with hobbyists, enthusiasts and researchers in mind who want more functionality than what existing task schedulers offer yet want to avoid the size and complexity of an RTOS. HeliOS has only 21 function calls and implements a wide variety of functionality including cooperative multitasking (run-time balanced), event driven multitasking, task notification/messaging, timers and managed memory. Not only is HeliOS easy to use, it is conveniently available through the Arduino IDE Library Manager or from GitHub as a ZIP file and has out-of-the-box support for Arduino AVR, SAM, SAMD and ESP8266. Either way, HeliOS is compliant with Arduino's 1.5 (rev 2.2) Library Manager Specifications so getting started is a snap!

Getting Started

1. Download and install the Arduino IDE on your computer.

2. Attach your favorite Arduino board with a USB cable.

3. Open the Arduino IDE Library Manager, search for "HeliOS" and click install (ArduBadge also has helpful instructions on how to find and install HeliOS, just look here).

4. Open a HeliOS example sketch or refer to the HeliOS Programmer's Guide.

5. Upload your sketch to your Arduino board.

Further Reading

Sample code and additional details about HeliOS can be found in the GitHub repository.



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