Interfacing Arduino Uno & Onion Omega 2

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XBee Arduino Interfacing

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Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Project tutorial by Fouad_Roboticist

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  • XBee Arduino Interfacing over 1 year ago

    Xbee's series 1 are simple to use, Doesn’t require any configuration to operate in peer to peer communication you can directly replace a wired serial connection with Xbee's series 1 , meanwhile xbee's series 2 & 3 are a little complex to use as these require some configuration even to work in peer to peer communication soo If you are just starting with XBee and your requirement just replace a serial wired connection it would be perfect to choose series 1 so yes it's a good idea to start out with a long obsolete version of xbee, otherwise it would be optimal to go with series 3 if you already got the skills.

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring over 1 year ago

    Yes the resistive moisture sensor becomes easily corroded , and the Capacitive Moisture sensor is much better when it comes to extending working lifetime of the product.

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