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AWS - Arduino Weather Station

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  • AWS - Arduino Weather Station 9 months ago

    Hi! Well, at the link below you can find and download a file .zip with all the libraries of a Sundfounder Starter RFID Kit, which is the kit where all it's started. Some events made me changed some sensors, but if you look at this Kit, you will find all the stuff that is necessary for the AWS.
    Contact me for any problem.
    Bye, Stefano

  • AWS - Arduino Weather Station 10 months ago

    Thank you, I'm very grateful to your opinion! As I replied to the other comments, at first I had many ideas but I had discarded some of these due to the short time my teacher gave me to make the project.

  • AWS - Arduino Weather Station 10 months ago

    Thanks!! The first idea was to check up some data with Android , and with the Bluethoot module but we had not enough time because it was a school project. So I chose something easier but cool such as the remote control.

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