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Arduino Ping Pong Ball Cannon

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  • "Génies en Herbe" / "Reach for the Top" Game Machine about 1 year ago

    Very nice project! I'm an Ontario teacher and I had my Computer Studies students build similar systems for our school Reach team. Works very well.

    I wouldn't worry about the nested FOR loops at the beginning of the loop block.
    Just do a digital read for each button. Start off with a boolean 'buzzIn' set to true, allowing players to buzz in. If a button goes high, set a flag 'buzzIn' to false, Have a dedicated button that resets 'buzzIn' to true for the next player to buzz in as need. Once you get it working, you can use Serial.write commands to send data to a graphical processing app and you can then keep score, display the player/team names etc. Not terribly difficult to do. Bonne chance! Check out and you can get my introductory course document. The last activity demonstrates how to set up serial communication between your Arduino and a Processing Application.

  • Arduino Ping Pong Ball Cannon almost 2 years ago

    Thank you for the suggestion George. I appreciate it. Best wishes, Gord

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