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Mozilla IoT WoT Gateway and ESP8266

Project tutorial by Giovanni Gentile

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MQTT Communication With the Nano 33 IoT & WeMos D1 Boards

Project tutorial by BnBe Club

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Smart Home - Smart Rules using ARTIK Cloud & Photon

Project tutorial by Raghavendra Ponuganti

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  • How to Use NMEA-0183 with Arduino about 2 years ago

    Love this tutorial. Commercially available Marine products are so pricey. Question ; are you familiar with boating setups? I have a cabin cruiser with twins, made in 2004. The gauges are starting to go bad , one by one. I would like to devise and install a touchscreen setup so I can remove my gauges . Would this be the direction for me to look at, along with nextion touchscreen(s) and basic marine grade radar/sonar/gps sensors and arduino’s? I would like this system to display also on my phone via cell signal /WiFi when I’m not @ the helm. However I don’t want the standard “ marine grade” price tag to go with it. Even though I own a boat I don’t have the expendable income usually associated with boat ownership. Just looking to get back into inventing , devising low cost alternatives for myself.

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