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  • uBUG over 3 years ago

    Thanks for your interest! I am too lazy to spell out the details I am afraid but :
    everybody has blown soap bubbles sometimes. This is imitation game : a reservoir full of soap, a blade which is a 1 mm sheet of brass with a hole cut in it (the starrish look of it to prevent the soap film drying). The blade is moved up and down by a step to step motor with its own battery, the motor is of the most trivial sort as is the drone prop + motor that blows the bubble when the blade is in the chosen level. NB It is mandatory that the prop axis be perpendicular to the blade and centered on the center of the soap film. Some pain comes from tweaking other parameters : distance prop/film (adjustable through some mechanical ingenuity) Vs prop rotational speed (adjustable through a potentiometer). The reservoir is made of copper, very entertaining welding sessions on my kitchen stove. Entertaining for onlookers only needless to say, lots of Putain Chier Bordel which is French and should be left alone. Copper is fancy and looks damn professional but NOT so good an idea since the soap solution absorbs copper ions, Cu++, turns blue and lose its bubbling qualities somewhat. Regarding the reservoir’s dimensions one constraint comes from superficial tension that will rip the soap film apart at blade’s extraction if its opening is too small thus a V-shape is preferable to a U-shape.
    If your workshop is as poorly equipped as mine, the principal ingredient you will need is InGeNuiTy!

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