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Suicide Prevention Gun Safe Locking System

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  • Suicide Prevention Gun Safe Locking System over 4 years ago

    Thanks for your considerate comment.

    1. The notification allows for users to reach out to the person at risk, and hopefully resolve the situation until others arrive on scene. Our goal is to create a device that will prevent access long enough for help to arrive. That could be as quick as a phone call, or going home, or may include calling the authorities for a quicker response.

    2. A back up battery is being installed in version 2 which will be finished next week, which should allow an hour+ of run time.

    3. True, we mount just to the surface of the safe. This is somewhat by design because we don't want to have to have the user modify the safe as it would be difficult to bolt/weld/glue a fixture to the safe and could void the warranty. To combat this problem we just are using a lot of magnetic force to hold it to the door. On a thick metal safe, our device provides 300lbs from the permanent magnet and 120lbs from the electromagnet. That is perpendicular to the door. Using a coefficient of friction of 0.5 for steel on steel means it should take 210lbs of force to slide the lock off. For future versions we will look into providing an edge to catch on the door, my only concern is making it fit well on different safes. Also future versions will look at increasing the magnetic strength.

    4. I had not thought of that method of tampering. The AC to DC conversion happens outside the enclosure, we are re-using a laptop power supply. Over-voltage and AC protection sound like great ideas to move to inside the enclosure.

    Thanks for bringing this all up!

  • Suicide Prevention Gun Safe Locking System over 4 years ago

    This is a situation we are still working on figuring out the best solution to. Currently our main focus is for firearm suicide prevention, and this is the best solution we have come up with.  If home invasion is a greater concern for your situation, this version of the device may not be the best version for you.
    We have been considering an emergency off button (EMO) that would disable our device immediately, but send out an emergency alert to all the lock users and the local police.  However that compromises our system for the idea of limiting access to firearms for suicide prevention. We have also considered making a compromise and using 5 or 10 minute delay after the emergency off button was pressed.
    This is an interesting opinion article from the LA Times that compares the uses of firearms in self defense vs suicide.
    A brief summary of some points that relate to this is that according to data from 2012, there were less than 300 cases of justifiable killing in self defense using a firearm. Compare that to over 20,000 uses of guns in suicide, and you see that guns are much more likely be used by an individual to kill themselves than to kill someone in self defense. However, guns can also be used to just scare thieves and burglars off, and this happens around 70,000 times a year, so you definitely have a point for self defense.

  • The Smart Door over 4 years ago

    I am impressed! Nice Job! Simple but effective!

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