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Arduino As A Random Number Generator

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Symmetric Power Supply Controlled by Arduino PWM

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Arduino Beat Detector

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  • Arduino Beat Detector 29 days ago

    Hi Freddy, there's some parts of the code that i don't understand very well to. This project is just an adaptation of other project ( please check: ). The Damian Peckett project works detecting beats on microphones ( therefore his circuit is different and, in the code, the value by which we divide "sample" is also different ). I just adapt his project to work with line level signals.

    On the Damian Peckett page check where it says: " There exists another algorithm known as the Discrete Fourier Transform which essentially implements a single bin of the Fourier transform. I did experiments using the optimised Goertzel algorithm on the Arduino, this was very successful taking only 20us to process each sample. " ... Check that code, :-)

    Thank You.

  • Arduino Beat Detector about 1 month ago

    Hi, the code in line 81 is code from Damian Peckett algorithm witch uses a potenciometer and is used for mic's, not for line level sources. Just delete that line and make " if (beat > 0) { } " , in the next line of code... :-) ... or ground analog input 1 :-)


  • Arduino Beat Detector 3 months ago

    Hello Vaquero Rafo, please explain better . Do you want to use a mic as input for your audio signal detector module circuit ? Or a line level signal ?

    If you want to use a mic you may want to check out this:

    or you can try to do this: adjust the values where it says " adjust here for... " on the code of the arduino for a smaller signal like a mic signal...

    ...And you can even try to do the detection of sound at software level... Just add arduino code for this: if the analogue pin starts reading too often the value 512 ( or the value close to 512 that should represent 0 volt coming from the audio source ) is because there is no sound...


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