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Arduino MIDI Stepper Synth

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  • Arduino MIDI Stepper Synth about 1 year ago

    It shouldn't show up specifically as a MIDI input or output, only as a MIDI device (called MIDI Stepper Synth).
    Like I said before, you need an application that can send the MIDI data out such as MuseScore.
    In MuseScore, go to Edit>Preferences, then select "I/O". Set the MIDI Output device to MIDI Stepper Synth and click Apply. There is an Icon in the main screen that looks like a MIDI connector that you will want to make sure is enabled. when you play back MIDI, the stepper will play too.
    If it isn't playing, check the Arduino and see if the Serial LED is flashing as data is being sent over.

  • Arduino MIDI Stepper Synth about 1 year ago

    Hi Peyton,
    Now that your device is seen as a MIDI device, you simply need to send MIDI data to it. There are a plethora of programs capable of doing this, and they are all (usually) music programs.
    I use Ableton Live 9, but I also know that MuseScore 2 works too. MuseScore is free and open source, so it would probably be your best bet. That's actually what I use to make the MIDI files for the Synth.
    You just assign a staff to each of the MIDI channels, and press play!

  • Arduino MIDI Stepper Synth over 1 year ago

    Glad to hear that it's working!
    Yes, I do believe 12V 20A would be sufficient to drive 10 stepper motors. I assume that each motor draws 1.5A. They probably draw less since they don't have any load on then, but better to have more current than not enough...

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