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  • CARDUINO (Vehicle Tracking with the HyperDuino) about 4 years ago

    Hello David S. thank you for your question, The really cool and unique thing about this device is that there is no app required to use it. Its 100% message based since you purchased a working sim card. As well as by putting in your own phone number anytime someone sends a text message to the devices number, only you will receive the location. I would suggest putting it in the glove compartment of you car, one of the biggest struggles I found with working with this FONA GPS was the weak signal it had. If it is in a tight space then it sometimes is not able to pick it up. I am working on a "Error message" code in place of this error where it sends a text message to the user that the GPS location could not be found instead of it just not sending anything at all. If you have the money to spare I would suggest getting a stronger GPS that is compatible with the FONA but this is all I have for now. I hope this answered your question. If you have anymore I will get back to you as fast as possible. Thanks again!

  • CARDUINO (Vehicle Tracking with the HyperDuino) about 4 years ago

    Hello Petar Manchev great question! While the purpose of the HyperDuino is not really used in this project, it can be used to add specific things to the design if desirable. If it was just the FONA alone with the Arduino UNO then it would strictly have only the functions of the actual FONA. The HyperDuino I am using in the project is the older model which has less ports. While the newer one which I just received from Roger Wagner has way more ports including ports for motors. It also has external ports as well that can be used for different functions. Possibly setting up a motion sensor so whenever someone enters your car you get a text notifying you about it. That's just a small example. I hope I answered your question. If you have any others let me know and I'll get back to them as quickly as possible. Thanks again!

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