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  • ATtiny85 EMF Detector over 2 years ago

    I tried this with a Rev3 Digispark clone. (I only learned after buying it that all Rev3s are clones. Sorry.) I changed up the pins a bit (pins 0 through 3 are for the LEDs -- in that order -- and pin 4 is the antenna). I used 2 AA batteries, so I had to change things a bit. I swapped out the 40Ω LED resistors with 220Ω resistors instead. I tried the 1MΩ resistor off the antenna, but that didn't seem to work. There was a mention of a 4MΩ resistor on your Instrucables page, but all I had available (bigger than 1MΩ) was 22MΩ. I tried that, and it seems to work fine. The nice thing about the Digispark is that you can program it directly from the IDE; there is no need for the Nano mentioned above. I have a picture, but there seems no way to include it here.

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