Wizard's Walking Staff

Project tutorial by Lucas Ainsworth

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Handheld Infinity Kaleidoscope Group Kit

Project tutorial by Lucas Ainsworth

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Kaleidoscope Infinity Mirror

Project tutorial by Lucas Ainsworth

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  • Holiday Shadow Theater about 1 year ago

    The snow animation lights shine through the pinholes in the sheet of paper to "project" a pinhole snow animation on the wall. Each LED pixel causes the lights to project in a different place on the wall, making one "frame" in the animation. Nothing's actually moving, just the location of the light source... so the animation smoothness is limited by how close together the LED lights are... The chasing lights = chasing pinhole snow on the wall. Fading the LEDs wouldn't make the animation smoother, it would just blur the transition between "frames" of animation. Maybe it would look nice, though!

  • Handheld Infinity Kaleidoscope Group Kit over 1 year ago

    Hi, The original wires are stranded, not solid core. Stranded wires are flexible, but they're not good for plugging into the Arduino's pin-sockets because they tend to fray.

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