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Code-Free LCD Menu Generation Using XOD

Project tutorial by Matthew Hamer

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Google Chrome Dinosaur Game on 16x2 LCD Shield

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Microbial Bioreactor

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  • Code-Free LCD Menu Generation Using XOD 7 months ago

    I've uploaded a revision to the "Schematics" section here, and pushed xod-menu-system-11 to the library repository. I've corrected a few errors on my end and tested the upload from the latest XOD version, 0.28.2 for Windows 10, to the Arduino Uno and all is working fine on my end. Deployment to the Uno is working OK here too from Linux version of XOD for Debian/Ubuntu as well.

    Selecting "Show Code for Arduino" and then "Deploy" and copy-pasting the resulting transpiled code for the demo sketch rig into the latest Arduino IDE, 1.8.9, and compiling for the Arduino Uno with the highest compiler warning/error reporting level selected from the preferences, with the revision code, I get no errors, two warnings but they're both deprecation warnings for internal XOD functions/backwards compatibility. so all looks good here at this point, if anyone was having trouble with compilation or uploading the demo sketch please make sure you're using the latest XOD version, use the revised library code and try again, thanks!

    A full re-work is on schedule for release in April with a revised interface, couple new features like support for editing multiple parameters on the same screen, and hopefully a reduced SRAM overhead.

  • Code-Free LCD Menu Generation Using XOD 7 months ago

    I tested the sketch with the latest XOD on Windows this evening and it looks like there may be some errors/warnings that the compiler is balking at that slipped by me on my Linux dev machine when generating transpiled code to use with the Arduino IDE, I'll issue a patch this week making sure everything works OK on Windows with the latest XOD :)

  • Code-Free LCD Menu Generation Using XOD 8 months ago

    Those are "buses", they're implied connections between nodes. Basically just to neaten up the look of a sketch and avoid having wires running all over to the point you can't easily follow what's going on.

    There's an option in recent XOD IDE versions under Edit -> Convert Selected Links to Buses to generate them from wires

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