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Electric Kiln Controller

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  • Electric Kiln Controller 2 months ago


    I think these kind of controllers are specifically for specialized mainboards for 3D printers. You could look thru the firmware for Marlin and Repetier for ideas, but they can be complicated.

    I suggest creating a new test sketch and getting each component to work one at a time. Start with the schematic for your controller ( Then use the LiquidCrystal library and get the LCD to show a simple message. Once that is working, use the SPI and SD libraries to get the SD card working so it will list the files. Finally, you can work on the encoder. I would find a library to use for the encoder (here is one I found:

    Once you have the basics, modify the sketch for the kiln. Search for upPin, downPin, and selectPin and modify to work with the encoder library.

    Good luck! Let me know how it works.


  • Electric Kiln Controller 3 months ago

    Hi galkaenazul. Did you get this to work? The file has to be named "1.txt" and it has to be located on the root directory of the SD card.

  • Electric Kiln Controller 3 months ago

    Hi edl. Sorry for the delay. The program is in the zip file. It is named "sketch_Kiln.ino". You need to have the Arduino IDE installed to open/view the program.

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