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  • Electric Kiln Controller about 1 month ago

    Hi rajk. Sorry I missed your question. Just saw it. Did you get it to work?

    You don't need to add these 3 lines to get it to work. Read my response to Pablo_Lucini a few lines up on the project site. It shows what to change for 3 zones.


  • Electric Kiln Controller 10 months ago


    I am guessing that you had to change the code because you didn't have the 3 description lines at the start of your firing schedule file. But, all that matters is it is working now.

    I used a process called "PID Tuning" to calculate the Kp, Kd, + Ki values. I have a method in the readme file, but you should Google it. Every kiln is going to have a different set of values (based on volume, insulation type, heating elements, etc). They don't have to be exact, there is a wide range that will work. The tuning process is just to get near the optimum values for best performance.

    Have fun with your kiln.


  • Electric Kiln Controller 10 months ago


    Glad to hear you got it working. What was the problem?

    Sorry, but the program doesn't remember where it was in the schedule when the power goes out. It will restart from the beginning. You could use the tools to skip to the next segment. This would get you close.


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