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Repurposing an Old Voltmeter

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Sundials Are Boring, Use Lasers Instead

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Health Band - A Smart Assistant for the Elderly

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Stringent, the $15 Wall Plotter

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  • Repurposing an Old Voltmeter about 2 years ago

    Hi Torsten

    let's have a look at schematics for you then.

    Unfortunately I can not post pictures here so I hope that the explanations below will suffice.

    All the grounds (GND) from the OLED, RTC and DTC 22 are connected to the Arduino GND pin, take your pick of which one you want to use as the nano has two of them.

    The same goes for the 5V (VCC) from the OLED and RTC which need to be connected to the 5V pin (only one) on the Arduino.

    The DTC 22 is connected to the D7 for power an idea I found somewhere on the net unfortunately I can not remember who wrote the original code.

    Now it gets tight, as the SDA on the OLED,RTC and DTC 22 needs to be connected to the nanos SDA pin, pin A4 on a nano.

    For the SCL from the OLED and the RTC these need to be connected to SCL pin (pin A5 on a nano). Since the signals are digital (I2C) and the addresses of the devices are different there should not be any problems doing this.

    That’s basically it.

  • Repurposing an Old Voltmeter about 2 years ago

    Hi Torsten

    let me redo the schematics for you but first let me know if you are going to use the same parts? However I did find an inconsistency between the breadboard and schematics view, so thanks for your comment. I have only used the breadboard view and at least that one is correct.

    Best regards Stefan

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