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  • Sump Level Monitor over 2 years ago

    Look up pitot tubes for drones to see other options. I personally would try to build them myself if it is for a non-commercial application.

  • Sump Level Monitor almost 3 years ago

    Hi Tricks, I ended up getting tubing for fuel injectors at my local auto parts store, 1/8" id hoses and fittings does the job for me, might be available at your local big box home improvement store. It fit fine but I add a ty-wrap just after the barb anyway. I left one port open to atmosphere to allow for changes in barometric pressure. I did build a 1/2" copper tube for fittings to go into the sump since I wanted to be able to pull it up from above the sump and to make it so the pump could not pull it in. It is sensitive to smaller tube cross sections in the middle so that's why I went from 1/2" to barb fitting to 1/8" tubing so there is no compression areas. A hint, I came across the general idea for this while looking at speed determination for drones and model RC planes. This might give you some insight for your differential pressure duct probes.

  • Sump Level Monitor almost 6 years ago

    Very cool Pete! The variable "offset" is the output from the Arduino ADC. The sensor range is from .2 to 4.7 volts. With 0kPa, the output is .2 volts and the Arduino ADC will put out about 41. The easiest way to convert is subtract the 41 then divide by about 0.8. Then again by 25.4 for inches. Make sure your tubing connections are air tight, You wouldn't believe how much air that brass fittings can leak. Use a pitcher of water to verify cal, mine kept losing level until I found the dog drinking from it..

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