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  • Control electronics by sliding your phone over 6 years ago


  • POTC over 6 years ago

    Lots of putty! Nice read. Thanks for the link :D

  • 3D Printed Stepper Motor over 6 years ago

    Okay. Time to start price-shopping then! Thanks :D

  • Automated Clothes & Shoes Donation Machine over 6 years ago

    Who thought a box could be so impressive. Magnificent work here! I like the Q/A approach to explaining your design decisions.

  • HSVClock over 6 years ago

    Beautiful project and a delightful present! The grid of square cells is an innovative way of breaking up the screen.

  • POTC over 6 years ago

    The enclosure on this device looks robust. What is it made out of ?

  • 3D Printed Stepper Motor over 6 years ago

    Electrifying! Wicked cool project. Do you know a good place to buy some neodymium magnets?

  • Internet-enabled Fishtank over 6 years ago

    Great looking final result. Would you mind posting a link to your code?

  • Piano Stairs over 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Genius combination of light sensors and flashlights.

  • LightClock over 6 years ago

    Great work! I wonder if the device could be built to run using a pack of batteries, hung on the wall like a traditional clock instead of wired into a socket?

  • Paper Instruments over 6 years ago

    Nice addition of the visualizer to the home-made piano. Great project for kids to play around with!

  • AV Cabinet Fan Controller over 6 years ago

    Alright, interesting. Thanks for the response :)

  • Chatty Coasters over 6 years ago

    Wonderful documentation and a sleek final design. The promo video was hilarious too :D

  • AV Cabinet Fan Controller over 6 years ago

    Looks like an effective hack! Are the fans only two-state systems? As in, are they just on (full-speed), or off?

  • RR Spaceship Bridge over 6 years ago

    Very ambitious! Looking forward to see how this project pans out and continues! Keep updating this page :)

  • 4x4x4 LED cube with Arduino Uno and 1sheeld over 6 years ago

    Futuristic design! Any tips for wiring all those LEDs together? That looks to be the most challenging part.

  • Smart Homer Web-enabled TV remote over 6 years ago

    Creative idea! Thanks for showing how to record IR signals from a remote, that could come in handy down the line.

  • Call my Arduino over 6 years ago

    I could see this extended to a custom intercom system. Cool idea!

  • JeePioneer Radio Control over 6 years ago

    Good thinking on retrofitting the radio!

  • Control electronics by sliding your phone over 6 years ago

    I like the graphical display and usability. Is it possible we will see an iOS port anytime soon?

  • IoT Garage Door Monitor/Opener with Finger Print Scanner over 6 years ago

    Clever! Well done on the write-up too. The interface of a slider-lock password entry is an interesting feature I hadn't thought of before. It performs as a digital remake of the physical combo lock. How do you go about encoding a specific fingerprint for authorization?

  • Stair Climbing Robot over 6 years ago

    Fantastic documentation!

  • Infrared Wireless Temperature Transmission Alarm System over 6 years ago

    Great idea! How is the transmitter sending data to the receiver? Is it a WiFi setup with an IP?

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