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Portal 2 Turret - Master Turret Control of Portal 2 Turrets

Project tutorial by Novachris

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Talking Portal 2 Turret Gun

Project tutorial by Novachris

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  • Talking Portal 2 Turret Gun almost 2 years ago

    Hi Shinyhero,

    Absolutely! I believe I provided everything as non-commercial, share alike, which means as long as you're not using it to enrich yourself, use as you like!

    I would love if people built there own turrets and added features or changed the way they implemented different aspects of the code and hardware. If you do come up with new ways of doing things, please share, Bluetooth or otherwise!

    I got lazy and didn't fully implement control of individual turrets, but I started. I think there is still a variable in the code which isn't used, but was there to identify which turret is selected and to be manually controlled. Add one more screen after Manual Mode screen so that you can select which turret you want to control, then activate that turret only!

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