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Automatic Arduino Goal Counter for Table Football/Soccer

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  • Automatic Arduino Goal Counter for Table Football/Soccer 2 months ago

    Hey, cool idea! However I am afraid I cannot help much as I am not too much of an Arduino expert and the project is long finished. Let me still give these suggestions:

    • You need a compatible speaker, which is able to play our .wav in decent quality and loudly. Just a small "toy beeper" probably won't do the job. You problaby need some active, powered setup. Something like a small boombox.
    • You need the correct elements in correct syntax in the setup loop. (Google for "Arduino speaker" and "Arduino audio output" and study the Youtube videos.)
    • You need the correct syntax to play your .wav in the void loop when a goal is scored.
    • Once you have figured out how to play your .wav loud enough, you probably have to add it to the existing program. I wouldn't write a proper if-command for this but I would try placing the play sound command where the variables are increased in case of a goal. Actually, they are in program lines 110 and 119.

    Otherwise, ask here:

    Good luck and please give notice once you got it working!

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