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Automatic Watering System

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  • Automatic Watering System 3 months ago

    I added some videos to show how the system operates and hope they also address your input to add some explanation on how it works.

  • Automatic Watering System 3 months ago

    That's great to hear has my description helped you.
    Are you taking good measures against hackers from the internet? I intentionally didn't connect it there to make sure no one is able to flood the backyard by hacking it..

  • Automatic Watering System 4 months ago

    Thanks for your comments guys.
    That's a good idea to add a humidity sensor. At the moment the approach is to switch to "mode off once" if you see that no watering is needed that night.
    At current state, the software is on the limit of the dynamic memory of Arduino Uno. I consider to switch to Arduino Mega 2560 due to that. It has four times more SRAM what would allow additional features as adding such a humidity sensor.
    Where would you like more explanation? How to operate the system or in the code to explain what it does?
    Doing a short video is a good input.

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