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Automatic Watering System

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  • Automatic Watering System 3 months ago

    Hi Rolemin, sorry for not replying earlier, I didn't see your comment. I updated master now and it should compile again.

  • Automatic Watering System 3 months ago

    Hi Jeroen, thanks for your comment. That's great are you giving it a go.
    This method is not supported in the RTC lib and my request to add it didn't get approved. So I put ifdefs around it. Please get the newest from master and it should compile.
    Cheers, Pete

  • Automatic Watering System 7 months ago

    Hi jeremypanker,
    Please use version v1.0:
    To get master working I first need to rise a pull request at the ds3232RTC lib and see what they think about it.

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