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  • Mini CNC 3D Printed PCB Creator about 2 years ago

    A very professional build. I recently completed a small (3"x3") plotter using an couple of inexpensive 5v screw sliders from eBay and Arduino/grbl 0.8c. I'm sure you ran into most of the config.h, circuit noise issues, and homing challenges that I found. I like your use of linear bearings and steel rods for stability and accuracy. I built mine just to learn the details of cnc control. You created a very practical, usable machine. Impressive!

  • Smokerduino over 2 years ago

    Very interesting project. I've done something similar that uses some of the same components and would like to compare notes.

  • Using 4×4 Keypad With Arduino over 2 years ago

    You might want to include the option to use only one wire (one wire keypad library). Not nearly as simple but it saves those precious Arduino pins for other functions.

  • Arduinomated Car Parking with Voice Assistance in Smartphone over 2 years ago

    Interesting and innovative application as well as an excellent introduction to the functionality of 1Sheeld. Great job!

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