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Skating Robot

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Project tutorial by StaffanEk

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MKR1000 WiFi Robot

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  • KITtyBot 4 months ago

    People are correct, they are not very accurate and the center position tends to drift over time. It might be os also that the 500 to 2500 ms interval not completely corresponds to 0 to 180 degrees. Another con is that they break quite easily. The pro is that they are CHEAP.:)
    Normally you can expect accuracy of maybe 5 to 10 degrees. It works good enough for my robot. Also one of the first lines in my arduino code is a variable with the zero position of every servo. It will need adjustment when the robot is built but occasionally I have to adjust it maybe 5 or 10 degrees after some using.
    These cheap servos, costing "a Fistful of Dollars", occasionally breaks also, sometimes a bit rough handling is enough. They carry load also while walking and that might eventually kill the nylon gears. Make sure they are easy to replace, avoid gluing or "embed" them too deeply inside the design.
    If you want you go "For a Few Dollars More" and buy servos with metal gears. Also there might be servos that have better characteristics when it comes to accuracy and centering. The con is that the cost multiplies with 12 so it might be a cheaper solution to replace a servo once in a while.

  • KITtyBot 4 months ago

    I had to google the parallax propeller to read a bit about it. It seems like a good way forward to have parallel processing on the walking, frankly I am a little bit too much of a mechanical engineer to really judge on how much better it becomes. It would be interesting to see the result.

  • KITtyBot 5 months ago

    Nice to hear. I have during the last weeks been busy elsewhere so I haven't been reading posts or working on my robot. Have you got the robot working yet?

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