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  • Simple Command Station for Model Railway Layouts 2 days ago

    Hello friends! The project is developing and new functions have appeared in the application. Compatibility of URB with classical induction switch points has also been successfully tested. See the news on my website.

  • Android app for control train 4 months ago

    Devices will be less .. Buy more equipment ... "Open" standard ... Use a large computer ... Study instruction A to do B, but take note of addition C ...
    Have you tried to collect this circus yourself? Maybe you should think about this?
    Well, or read the introduction to my posts?
    Or see the picture to my last post?
    Be curious, you really know little about the subject. Good luck!

  • Android app for control train 4 months ago

    Hello Chaz! Unfortunately, the technology DDC has a fundamental limitation - the lack of feedback, so DDC automation is a very bad idea. In addition, it is old, expensive, complex and, one more drawback, closed for modelers. I know about projects Open DDC и DDC++ , they have the same problems. To place an Arduino in a locomotive is an absolutely stupid idea, it is very large for models starting with a HO scale. And more batteries, electronics for the motor... Do you know what Occam's razor is?
    Again, the project presented on the site is easily reprogrammed by the open convenient environment Arduino IDE. It is assembled from widely available elements and is even accessible to the schoolboy. On its basis, you can invent and immediately implement anything you like, use the phone as a convenient and always available controller. Update your railway as updated firmware in modern gadgets.
    And it's much more fun than motion dozens of trains in the circle raillines from an expensive and sophisticated DDC console.

  • Android app for control train 4 months ago

    I believe that there are many solutions. You are a fan of DDC, and that's excellent. Only now I have a question for you, can you do interlocking traffic? Or the automatic crossing yards for two trains on DDC?
    I certainly have another one a complicated project with Wi-Fi and scripting management both in computer rail simulators with independent intellectual trains traffic, but I'm not going to show it to you for sure. Since you yourself all know :)
    And even this simple project is not for you, you are a clear professional.

  • Automation of Railway Models Part 3 - Bidirectional Line 5 months ago

    Hi Eric! So sorry, you can connect any sensor to Arduino and use my sketch, but in reality your train when passing over sensor you will receive a multiple signal from each car. Even if you drive one locomotive, you will receive several pulses from the TCRT5000L. Then the latch in the sketch will work several times and this is a small problem.
    Thanks for the comment, I think I need to update the part 1 about the sensors to explain the choice of Hall sensors.

  • Automation of Railway Models Part 1 - Sensors (Updated) 5 months ago

    Well guys, I certainly know that there are ready branded signaling kits for model railway. Without starting a discussion, I note that they work perfectly and give a complete solution, especially in the DDC segment. My project does not compete with ready-made solutions, I'm trying to give you pleasure in the modeling process using simple, convenient and understandable designing methods. That is, you do not collect from "cubes", but produce them yourself. However you can use them together.

  • Simple Command Station for Model Railway Layouts 5 months ago

    Correspondence between me and MegaBlackJoe concerned the parallel use of the DDС and my decision on the URB. The answer is positive, you can use it, for example locomotives are managed by the DDC, the peripheryes on the layout (junction etc.) on the URB.

  • Simple Command Station for Model Railway Layouts 5 months ago

    О! Спасибо за внимание к моему проекту, рад что вы поддерживаете мое мнение о DDC.
    Что касается вашего вопроса, то, собственно для этого на сайте есть описание всей цепочки: Пульт управления (в моем случае программа на телефоне, в других вариантах абсолютно все что вам удобно использовать, от PC до миникомпьютеров или даже фирменного цифрового DDC блока) --> Способ передачи до коммуникационного URB (у меня блютуз, но можно через стандартный последовательный порт, у хороших DDC блоков есть внешний последовательный интерфейс)---> Простой протокол который понимает Arduino (который вы можете трансформировать по вкусу в скетчах) --> URB конечного устройства ---> Привод стрелки или мотор поворотного круга или свет на макете и т.п.

    Я это к тому что вы можете ПАРАЛЛЕЛЬНО использовать и DDC и URB.
    Собственно этот проект был начат пять лет назад, когда я отчаялся использовать фирменный DDC из-за его закрытости, а мне нужна была автоматизация блок-участков.

    Только что я выложил видео про индикацию состояния линий, на нем вы можете заметить кнопки, которые действуют также как виртуальные кнопки в приложении ArduinoTrainBtControl, я их использую для включения подсветки макета без приложения (хардварно). Как идею, могу вам порекомендовать сделать сдвиговый регистр (см. 74HC165 и Arduino) на нужное вам количество стрелок и подключить его к URB, так как сама плата лишь пассивный коннектор. Можно также выделить для этого несколько URB и использовать их GPIO как кнопочные контакты для переключения стрелок и т.п. (это несколько дороже, но проще в программировании и исполнении).
    Кстати скоро закончу пост и о датчиках Холла и блок участках на URB.

  • Simple Command Station for Model Railway Layouts 6 months ago

    I added a demo video on control two trains using the ArduinoTrainBtControl3 application. Look at my page on YouTube.

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