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USBcycle, The Next Generation

Project showcase by Tazling

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USBcycle: Ride Through Your Virtual World!

Project showcase by Tazling

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Programming Nextion LCD Without SD Card

by Tamer Savaşcı

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  • Programming Nextion LCD Without SD Card almost 3 years ago

    I tried this but alas it did not work (yet). The Editor did not see the connected device. I asked the ITEAD guys but you know how they are, I just got a lecture on it being very complicated and Windows USB drivers are tricky and so on. But it seems from this post like it worked the very first time for you so please, can you tell me exactly which model of USB/TTL adapter you used? Thanks

  • Programming Nextion LCD Without SD Card almost 3 years ago

    Yep the SD card method is very, very slow. I am almost getting brave enough to try this but I was thinking of making a switch box :-) so I could switch painlessly back and forth from Arduino serial pins to desktop usb port.

  • USBcycle: Ride Through Your Virtual World! almost 3 years ago

    Wow, what a stack of resources! We should start a forum somewhere on DIY Game Bike Controllers. Seriously. With links to all the known projects, and parts/design resources. There really should be an indexed version of my article here so it's less of a massive text blob for readers -- separate issues like Steering, Braking, Pedalling should have their own chapters. Right now I am knee deep in my Nextion (what a cussed, fascinating, weird little device it is) working on v2 of the bike controller. Using a Due has got me into 3.3v territory and horribly noisy ADCs so I'm having to tackle some new issues like level conversion and external AREF. This project always leads me just slightly out of my depth on the hardware side, which I guess is a good thing 'cos it keeps life interesting. Maybe by January I can think about setting up a Game Bike Forum somewhere.

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