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Sustainable design of a popular vocal synthesizer: case with an interface panel.

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Components and supplies

About this project

The first part of the operation is about the whole Object, for have been choosen a box holding the mechanism, and that comes from a similar context, the VHS case. The magnetic tape was one of the first materials for memorize the cpu data, used also for the analogue synthesizer of the 80s. So the case of a video-cassette is pierced with the holes for the potentiometer and the usb.

The other part of the work consists in the interface Panel who exibiths the acoustical functioning as an image, visually organising the disposition of the parameters used from the user.

But the values drawn in the graphic show le "grain" frequency on the left and the first "formant" frequency on the right. So who wants to use this panel should reflect the 5 analogue channels of the base instruction (otherwise mirror the image).


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