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Eyes for My Robot TIM-01 (TIM-01 EYES) © CC BY-SA

This is a board to control two Nokia screens to give my robot eyes. It will be connected to the microcontroller via I2C (two Wire).

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About this project

I am making a robot I call TIM-01.

I have got the the stage where I am to make a head for it. But before I do that I want to design some eyes for it.

I have set myself some parameters:

  • I want to control them with I2C (Two wire).
  • I want to give the multi colour back lighting.

To control them via I2C I will be using a pin expander PCF8574 I2C device,

For the Back lighting I want to use Intelligent RGB LEDs.

I want to control these through the pin expander via I2C also, so I will be using SK9822 these are 6 pin, they have data and clock wires.

So the first thing to do was get out the bread-board and make a prototype.

Here's a video of my first prototype.


Once it was all working it was time to make a PCB to mount the screens on.

I used KiCAD to design the PCB and had it made at PCBWay. I have shared the project on there site: TIM-01 EYES PCB.

I have placed the library on GITHUB.

There is more about it here on my robot blog.

Here is a video of it on my robot.

If you would like to make just a prototype.

I have done a Fritzing of just the Eyes. (I made some fritzing components, I hope they download ok)

To do the prototype you will need something to hold a ribbon cable onto the Zebra Strip on the back of the screens.

The ribbon cable (FFC) I used has nine cables with a 1mm pitch. It is the type you find in Flatbed scanners and printers.

At one end I used scissors to separate the cables. I just used the heat of the soldering iron to remove the plastic insulation when soldering the cables to the header pins. (plenty of flux)

I have made a holder on my 3D printer to hold the cables in place.

You will need four M3 x 10mm self tapping screws to hold the clamps in place.

I have done some stl files.


Library for use with Arduino.

Custom parts and enclosures

Eyes Holder STL File
For holding two Nokia screens type PCF8574
Eyes Clamp STL File
For Clamping Nokia screens to the holder


Fritzing Eyes Prototype
The Fritzing file of just the eyes prototype.


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