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Arduino Lidar Scanning & Java Rendering

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  • Arduino Lidar Scanning & Java Rendering about 1 year ago

    I don't think I tried using any other ways to check for bad measurements. What you describe sounds like a good idea though.

  • Arduino Lidar Scanning & Java Rendering over 1 year ago

    Hey my prediction is that your UNO only has 1 serial port. You can see me talk about the issue in the description. The reason I used a MEGA and not an UNO was because of that reason. The UNO cannot communicate via USB and read data from the lidar sensor at the same time (The same reason why you cannot push code to the UNO if you have something connected to TX/RX). There is a Software Serial Library that usually would solve this issue in most cases but in the situation where we are dealing with servos that continuously need to communicate with the Arduino, it would not work either. The servo would kind of move like a broken robot. The only way is to get a MEGA that has more than 1 TX/RX ports. I hope that is what you are talking about.

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