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Holiday Wreath Automation

Project tutorial by CJA3D

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IoT Command Center - Using Samsung ARTIK Cloud

Project in progress by CJA3D

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Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT

Project tutorial by CJA3D

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  • Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT almost 4 years ago

    Great project and thanks again i was trying to use some other projects using the Arduino Yun in the AWS platform but most of them were open ended ,the videos along the way helped quite a bit and was able to try this over the weekend and was able to sucessfully post data to Dyamodb. Dint find a way to post a picture used TMP36 and photo cell ..will try out some lambda funtion next week..
    A small correction as part of step#13 your screenshot and table patition key and sort key case is not correct, i was copy pasting :) and it took me about 20 mins to figure it out :)

  • Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT almost 4 years ago

    Thanks for the awesome write up.i have been using AWS for a couple of years but just getting started with electronics.A friend suggested me to go with the Yun and have managed to post data to xively but my main intention is to try out the new AWS IoT service..going to try this over the weekend,using a simple temperature sensor and photo resistor..great job on the 3D printed parts what software did you use to design ..any thoughts designing the top part for prototype breadboard arduino shield..

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