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Home Automation with Self-learning 433 Power Switches

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  • Using the YL-39 + YL-69 Soil Humidity Sensor with Arduino over 2 years ago

    Some observations from my side.

    De dry-wet range is with my sensor (following setups tested):
    - Arduino UNO + W5100 = 19 - 775
    - Wemos D1 R2 = 62 - 642 (likely due to 3.3V)
    When you want to see your readings on your phone you can use Cayenne/MQTT.
    - Cayenne with Arduino UNO + W5100 = 894 - 954
    - Cayenne-MQTT with Wemos D1 R2 = 1017 (no explicit range)

    3 changes to the Wemos sketch:
    - Digital pin must be preceded by D
    - because only 1 analog channel on Wemos changed into A0
    - and remove "while (!Serial);"; this will give errors!

    The ranges are not constant but fluctuating a bit.
    It is a bit pity that in the preferred setup (MQTT) the range is almost nihil.

  • Home Control With Cayenne over 2 years ago

    Hi, how long will the 9 volt battery work in this setup and what is mAh of this battery?

    BTW missing the W5100 in this setup :)

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