How To: VU Meter Clock Style on Steroids

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VU Meter on Steroids: Arduino Nano and WS2812Bs

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  • VU Meter on Steroids: Arduino Nano and WS2812Bs about 9 hours ago

    Yes way more efficient, now there is now also BLE Bluetooth also very efficient but still in the beginning, so nrf is the way or wifi 100%.
    And that the ws2812 are brighter on less ma i don`t know, i will test that.
    where you from? ( Shenzhen ??

  • VU Meter on Steroids: Arduino Nano and WS2812Bs about 10 hours ago

    it is possible but i don`t have the EXACT info so i make my calculations of yours.

    about the WS2812 LEDS that is build with 3 LEDS inside RGB red green blue, so if he ONLY uses RED then the current is less, but if he uses a slighly different color ALL the LEDS wil be ON. and if he is not using FULL brightness and that is what i think he will achieve the 7 hours WITH NO PROBLEM.
    just build it and use a powerbank with 4000 or 5000 mAh and just time it, thats how i did it with my build, but i used only a RED LEDstrip with already an IC inside with some effects.
    he uses as you already said an namo or pro mini because he needs to adress it with an bluetooth controller and switches or the NRFadapter,this is a simple build, only the code is tricky i think.

  • VU Meter on Steroids: Arduino Nano and WS2812Bs about 12 hours ago

    24x0,3W is 7,2Watts and not Amps

    so 7.2Watts : 5V=1.44A so that will last on a 15000 mAh lipo more than 12 hours easily.
    but that is with normal leds and NOT with the WS2812 LEDS that will cut the time in 3 so 4 hours on that lipo.
    you want to built that backpack? thats easy. you can even use normal leds i build a REDstrip already on 5 volts JUST as the backpack on a lipo to 5 VOLTS.. funny eeeh.
    And it even has flashes and all kinds of light effects.

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