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  • Mind Control Drone 28 days ago


    Thank you.

    The core of the circuitbending stays very much the same. Bypass the pot-meters and add an analogue voltage to it. Just make sure you measure the voltage and the resistance correctly.

    Codewise you won't have to much, in this example we have only an analouge throttle value. You can tweak it to make it go left and right.

  • Mind Control Drone 3 months ago

    In theory that should be possible. But those algorithms are not available by default.

  • Mind Control Drone 3 months ago

    Hi Muhammed!

    Thank you!

    It is possible to do the same with your meditation values. How more relaxed you are the higher the value. It should be possible to detect eyeblinks (and the strenght of the blink), but that seems broken in processing.

    The device can also measure Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma-waves (and the high / low of each). But those values are hard to manipulate at will.

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