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  • Mind Control Drone about 1 month ago

    I do not know much about MatLab. The Mindwave interacts with your PC via Bluetooth Serial, there is a possibility that it can work with some research.

  • Mind Control Drone about 1 month ago

    This particular device can read concentration, meditation and blink (which you can consciously control).

    There are also other brainwaves, but they are more subconsciously.

    The problem is when you concentrate the meditation go down and vice versa. Blink did not work in Processing.

    There are other brainwave sensors that you can 'train' to do commands.

  • Mind Control Drone 3 months ago


    Thank you.

    The core of the circuitbending stays very much the same. Bypass the pot-meters and add an analogue voltage to it. Just make sure you measure the voltage and the resistance correctly.

    Codewise you won't have to much, in this example we have only an analouge throttle value. You can tweak it to make it go left and right.

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