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  • Servo Clock over 2 years ago

    I draw three of half circle disc in Autocad the biggest is Second the middle is Minute and the smallest is hour. And pasted it on the plywood sheet which cut them to be a semicircle plywood.
    The second semicircle disc I divided by 180 degree/30 = 6 degree per second. It means servo counter clockwise 0,1-29,30 and clockwise 31, 32 – 59,0
    The problem is when you adjust servo in long radius is difficult because long radius will increase length of arc and each servo is not same angle

    You have to adjust the value in the (swich case) when you want to test
    int DEC_To_Second_Servo ( int Second_Servo_Value)
    int result;
    switch (Second_Servo_Value)
    case 0 : result = (12);break; adjust angle servo
    case 1 : result = (18);break; adjust angle servo
    case 2 : result = (23);break; adjust angle servo
    case 3 : result = (29);break; adjust angle servo

    The minute semicircle disc I divided by 180 degree/60 = 3 degree per minute. It mean servo counter clockwise 0-59
    The hour disc is same. I divided by 180 degree / 24 = 7.5 degree per hour
    Unfortunately I lose my cad file. But you can make it by yourself

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